WPRM version 1.2.1

[if] and [ifExist] helpers

[if item=val][/if]: checks one of the results keys against a possible value. If the condition returns true then the content of the condition will be displayed as part of the content. In the next screenshot, you see that check one of the results if it’s valid or not and display different output depending on that.

[ifExist item][/if]: checks if an item exists and not empty. if the item have any value the content of the condition will be displayed. In the following sceenshot, we use if exist to test if an image link exists because if not we don’t need to see the broken image icon so we don’t show it at all.

[section] helpers

section helpers is very useful with templates especially the repeatable data template. It’s a simple typography tool to organize your template. You can use sections as [section 1/2], [section 1/3] and [section 1/4]. each fraction refers to the part of the page/container that this section will take.

Ability to establish authorized requests with username and password

If you use web services that provides API access(which i think most of them), so you will find some of them require remote username and password authorization before you query any data. Now you can do these kind of requests with WPRM. Just go to RESTful Manager > connection, then set the checkbox ‘This Connection will be authorized with username and password.’ and fill your username and password.

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